Jr. College Alumnus of the Year Award

Photo of Edward Campbell

Mr. Edward Campbell

Junior College Alumnus of the Year

Class of 1948

Edward Campbell graduated from Gardner-Webb in 1948. After he left Gardner-Webb, he went on to further his education at Western Carolina University. Ed established a very lucrative career as Vice President of Sales for Kenneth G. Lilly Fasteners, Inc.


Prior to his time at Gardner-Webb, Ed served in World War II and sailed in the North Russia convoys from 1942-1945 with the U.S. Merchant Marines and U.S. Navy. In 1992, he was invited to the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC, along with others, to receive a medal from the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir P. Lukin for his involvement in the convoys. Ed frequently speaks to history classes at Kings Mountain High School about his experiences during the depression and during World War II in Murmansk, Russia called the “Murmansk Run.”


Ed and his wife of 20 years, Phyllis Henderson Campbell, reside in Kings Mountain, NC. He has one son, Mr. Scott Campbell and 2 beautiful granddaughters. 


Edward, we welcome you as the 2013 Junior College Alumnus of the Year.

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