Young Alumnus of the Year Award


David C. Podgorski

Young Alumnus of the Year

Class of 2007 – Chemistry

David C. Podgorski is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He first came to GWU on a football scholarship. After transferring to another institution for one year and suffering a broken leg, he decided to come back to the school that he loved and devote his full attention to obtaining a degree in chemistry.


All of the success that David has achieved is a direct result of the sacrifice, dedication, love, and support of others. His mother, Susan Davis, raised David as a single parent. She worked long hours to ensure that David had everything he needed to succeed. She made financial and emotional sacrifices to keep a sometimes rebellious teenager on the path to success. Colette Podgorski stood by David through the good and bad times in life. She has always been there and supported him for the past 12 years. Drs. Brooks, Eddins and Totten provided David with the knowledge, skills and confidence that has directly resulted in his success as a graduate student and a professional in the field of chemistry at Florida State.



Finally, David’s son Zeke has provided him with the joy and motivation to be successful. David’s number one goal is to be a positive role model for Zeke and to set the bar as high as possible so that Zeke can strive to be more successful than his daddy. David is extremely honored to accept this award, but says that he feels he is undeserving. He feels that those who deserve this recognition are his family and friends who carried him to this point.


David, we welcome you as the 2013 Young Alumnus of the Year.

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