Amy Lawson

Enrollment Counselor

I began my journey in education in 2010 as a preschool teacher for a private institution. During this time, I moved into the position of director over the entire preschool program. In 2015, I continued my journey in education as a teaching assistant for Cleveland County Schools. I assisted in 3rd grade at Marion Elementary School and 5th/6th grade at Kings Mountain Intermediate School. I was awarded Teaching Assistant of the Year in 2017. In 2018, I started teaching 6th grade English Language Arts at Kings Mountain Intermediate School. I loved sharing my passion for reading with my students and building a classroom environment where students felt safe, loved, nurtured, and their voices were heard. I am now continuing this journey to higher education with dreams of eventually educating future teachers to build that same loving and safe classroom environment for our future generations of students.


Belmont Abbey College – Bachelor’s in Elementary Education¬†

Hobbies and Interests

I thoroughly enjoy traveling with my family, which includes my 20-year-old son, 17-year-old daughter, and 16-year-old son, along with my husband. Exploring new cultures and experiences together is a passion of ours. At home, we’re also kept busy by our furry friends: two dogs and six guinea pigs.

When I’m not embarking on adventures or caring for our pets, I immerse myself in the world of literature. I aim to devour a new book every few weeks, feeding my curiosity and expanding my horizons through the written word.

Beyond my family and hobbies, I’m blessed to have an incredible circle of friends who offer unwavering support in every facet of life. Their diversity and camaraderie enrich my journey, reminding me of the beauty of connection and shared experiences.