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Peer Tutoring is an academic support service connected to Gardner-Webb University’s Student Success Division. It is a course-specific tutoring service used to contribute to the tutors and tutees personal development and academic success.

Almost all general education courses are available for tutoring and some major courses. For courses that are not offered, whether general education or major courses, the center strives to provide tutoring assistance for them as well. Peer Tutoring is one of the many student resources Gardner-Webb University offers undergraduate students in need of academic assistance.

Peer Tutoring provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to schedule an individual tutoring appointment with a peer tutor who has previously excelled in the requested course. During the student’s tutoring session, the tutee will receive individual attention in a supportive environment in which he or she has the opportunity to discuss course-specific exam or presentation. Our policies and responsibilities are developed to benefit the undergraduate student’s learning process. Peer tutoring generates no additional fees for the student.

About Testing

The Gardner-Webb University Testing Center’s mission is to provide examinees the opportunity to test fairly and under conditions conducive to success. We provide quality testing services in compliance with the nationally recognized NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.

The Testing Center offers a secure testing environment. Tests that are offered include Accuplacer, MAT (Millers Analogies Test), ATI TEAS for Nursing, and CLEP. Gardner-Webb University students are offered Webcape (Foreign Language testing) and the CLA (Collegiate Learning Assessment). Gardner-Webb University faculty uses the testing center as a tool for proctoring make-up test, exams and quizzes, whether face-to-face or online. For more information, please contact the Director of Testing at [email protected] or call (704) 406-2254.

Peer Tutoring Vision Statement:

Peer tutoring will continually research best tutoring practices as we strive to support the ever-changing tutoring needs of our students.

Peer Tutoring Mission Statement:

Peer Tutoring provides Gardner-Webb University undergraduate students with excellent tutoring services for highly requested courses found with the general education and some major course curriculum. Peer Tutoring helps students transition into the learning culture of higher education in a supportive and student-centered environment. The tutors assist their tutees by modeling and exploring various learning strategies and techniques that help foster self-directed learning, academic confidence, and student success.

Peer Tutoring Statement of Goals:

  1. Will provide ongoing CRLA training and professional development opportunities to our staff.
  2. Will follow the National Tutoring Association’s Code of Ethics and Gardner-Webb’s Honor Code.
  3. Will regularly communicate with key stakeholders within the GWU community to ensure student-centered tutoring services are provided.

Peer Tutoring is open to student input and needs as we seek to provide the best tutoring services possible. Our policies and responsibilities are developed to benefit the student-learning process. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Tutoring at (704) 406-2254 or email to [email protected].