Award Winners

Life of the Scholar (LOTS) Multidisciplinary Conference Honors Student Participants

2017 Life of the Scholar award recipients

Gardner-Webb University recently hosted the 20th Annual Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary Conference. Established in 1997 by Dr. Les Brown, GWU Professor Emeritus in Biology, a range of stellar original research conducted by GWU students across a variety of disciplines was showcased.

The following Gardner-Webb undergraduates were honored with “Best Presentation” prizes for the 2017 conference:

• Christopher Lile—Small Mammal Survey of Broad River Greenway and the Surrounding Area

• Christian Jessup—New Music for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

• Hannah Ray—Metaphors of the Modern Mind: Transitional Views of Death Reveals Through the Poetry of Emily Dickinson

• David Cole—The Impact of Gentrification on Urban Politics

• Madison-Ashley Wait—The Stagnation of Gender Equality: The Symbiotic Relationships Between Third-Wave Feminism Stereotypes, Sexism and Language

• Josiah Parke—Fair Play: Distributive and Retributive Justice Principles in the Soccer Laws of the Game

• Chris Beguhl—Cross-Dressing Crime in the Late–Nineteenth-Century Southern United States: Comparing Localized Efforts to Police Gender Deviance to Sexology in Southern Newspapers

• Andrew Linzie—Poster on Stock Market Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks

In addition, Mariah Q. Richardson was presented the best presentation award for graduate research on “Significant Parallels to the Mis-Pi Rituals in Jeremiah 10:1-16.”

The University salutes these students for these significant achievements in higher education.

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