An Honorable Experience

Honors Program’s Hands-On Experiences Enrich Students

An Honorable Experience

Students gather around a restaurant table covered in international cuisine. Food provokes conversation that offers education about foreign cultures, and the shared meal and intellectual exchanges help new friends connect. This is a Gardner-Webb classroom.

Try Something Different night, or TSD for short, has become a favorite tradition of GWU students, and it serves as an example of the many University Honors Program activities that collectively advance students academically, socially and professionally.

"Development of these three aspects of life are central to a successful college education," stresses philosophy major Josiah Parke ('17). "The Honors Program at Gardner-Webb University definitely has assisted me in developing all of those areas and much more."

Almost all of GWU's Honors activities take students outside the walls of the traditional classroom and into the world, where experiences offer a combination of academic, service and social enrichment. In addition to meaningful classroom discussions that serve as a core part of the Honors academic experience, opportunities also include original undergraduate thesis research and presentations, trips to regional and national conferences alongside elite students from schools across the country, and travel abroad to cultural meccas like Paris, France.

Through interaction with other students, each journey often intertwines social and service benefits with academic growth, asserts communication studies major Alice Byrd ('18). “Honors has taught me how to become more eloquent, poised and confident when presenting ideas, whether to a roomful or just my friends,” she expounds. “Honors has helped me grow in many different areas of my life, and academically I push myself harder in the classroom to ask more questions, research more thoroughly and produce higher-quality work.”

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