Pre-Health, Pre-Med, and Pre-Law Professional Options Available in Specific Majors

Commencement mortarboard

Gardner-Webb University officials are formalizing several pre-professional pathways to prepare undergraduate students for advanced education in a range of fields. Students who wish to major in chemistry, biology, exercise science, political science, and more will be able to choose from a range of professional concentrations which best align with their career goals.

“Professional schools do not require specific majors to be considered for admission,” shares Dr. David Yelton, GWU Associate Provost for Arts and Sciences. “Typically, they are looking for demonstrated competency in particular skill sets in specific disciplines of study. Gardner-Webb is well-suited to helping students develop these attributes and abilities through its broad general education curriculum coupled with its range of focused majors.” Beginning this fall, exercise science majors who wish to pursue a health sciences concentration will be given an opportunity to enroll in prerequisite courses to prepare them for Physician Assistant (PA) Studies programs. In addition, chemistry majors will be able to enroll in the Pre-Health Professional concentration, which will prepare students who are interested in careers in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and more. The pre-law pathway involving multiple majors with a variety of course options is being coordinated by Dr. Elizabeth Amato, assistant professor of political science.

Students enrolled in the pre-professional pathways will experience additional preparation for the standardized tests that are required for advanced educational programs—including medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, and others. The curriculum also contains most of the prerequisite courses needed for admission to these and other health-related professional schools.

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