Robert Moore Receives Excellence in Teaching Award

Robert Moore

A great teacher “takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart,” as the saying goes. Truer words could not be spoken of the 2017 GWU Excellence in Teaching Award recipient, Robert Moore, Instructor of American Sign Language (ASL), who was honored during the annual Apples & Accolades ceremony earlier this month.

With a knack for stirring to life new talents, gifts and skill sets within his students, Moore utilizes hands-on techniques and animated communication skills to foster learning in a joy-filled environment. One nominator shared that he frequently pauses in the middle of a difficult lesson to convey a story that never fails to entertain—one that is filled with riddles that celebrate language differences and remind students of the joy and risks involved in language learning.

As a former student shared, “He has a very unique, narrative approach to pedagogy, always illustrating his points through engaging stories, constantly welcoming class participation, and never ceasing to be patient with us. His class is very much a collaborative process in which we are all learning from each other.”

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