Eight-week Online Session

Gardner-Webb Offers Minimester Option for Students

Eight-week Online Session

Gardner-Webb University will offer students a shortened online semester option beginning Oct. 14. The eight-week online Minimester through GOAL-The Degree Completion Program (GOAL-DCP) is an academic term recently created to provide additional opportunities for students. The eight-week term provides a modified list of course offerings, but with the same content as the full 16-week period.

Students may register for the upcoming online fall Minimester through Oct. 16, and classes for the condensed schedule will continue through Dec. 12. The exciting news is that these courses can be completed before the holiday season. Another eight-week session will be offered in the spring semester, from March 4, 2020, through May 7, 2020.

GOAL-DCP’s Minimester schedule has been successful since it first launched in fall 2014. “The eight-week online term is beneficial to students who need to revisit a course or two, or to move ahead in their program,” shared Dr. Elizabeth Pack, Dean for Adult and Distance Education. “It especially supports students in program completion by providing additional starting periods. They no longer have to wait until the next full semester to begin studies at GWU.”

To complete additional requirements toward a degree in a shorter period, GOAL-DCP students can add courses mid-term to the schedule they started at the beginning of a traditional semester. Students can also drop a course at the beginning of a semester and retake it during the compact term.

Global Opportunities for Adult Learners (GOAL) provides extended undergraduate studies through The Degree Completion Program (DCP) to meet the specialized educational needs of adult learners. Gardner-Webb offers 12 majors through GOAL-DCP, which serves students who previously completed a two-year degree or its equivalent. For more information about the eight-week start or GOAL-The Degree Completion Program, call 704-406-4484.

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