GWYou: Janza M. Walker

10-Month MBA Program Equipped Entrepreneur to Start Event Planning Business

GWYou: Janza M. Walker

Janza M. Walker, a teacher and coach in Spartanburg, S.C., does event planning for weddings and special events in her spare time. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting, but thought a Master of Business Administration (MBA) could help turn her hobby into a business.

To achieve her goal in the shortest time possible, she enrolled in Gardner-Webb University’s 10-month MBA program. The college’s Christian foundation also appealed to her. “I was very pleased with one of my first assignments talking about my beliefs,” she shared. “I also had wonderful professors who have sent prayers when I was dealing with issues in my family and tackling school head-on while in a full-time career.”

The 10-month MBA offered by the GWU Godbold School of Business is fully online. Students take two courses every eight weeks. Courses cover techniques for innovative problem solving and decision making and include opportunities to interact with fellow students and business leaders. Walker appreciated the program’s organization and consistency. “Everyone was helpful throughout the process of setting up classes, managing financial aid, and professors communicating with the class,” she said.

Balancing her responsibilities to complete course assignments required late nights and early mornings. “My advice to anyone considering the 10-month MBA is focus and time management,” she stated. “If you have a full-time job, squeeze schoolwork in when you can—lunch breaks, before work, right after work and Saturday mornings. Push through, because it is a short period of time. It is possible, and you will be proud of yourself once you finish.”

A December 2019 graduate, Walker is confident she has the skills to start her business. “I learned how to better manage people around me,” she noted. “My purpose was to learn how to run a company from top to bottom and this program taught me that. My plan is to create my own brand, coordinating weddings and other events. Later, I would like to find a building to own and have as an event company. I'm excited about my new adventure and thankful for Gardner-Webb University.”

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