Recognizing Students’ Research

Honors’ Students Present Theses During Zoom Teleconference

Recognizing Students’ Research

Seven students in the Gardner-Webb University Honors Program culminated their studies recently by presenting their theses during a Zoom teleconference.

Joy Smith, who graduates with a degree in photography, said she liked the Zoom format, because it allowed more people to see her presentation. However, the downside was worrying about glitches in the technology—which didn’t happen, she added.

Trevor Alexander, who will receive a biology degree with a chemistry minor, said with Zoom he felt less nervous while presenting his research.

Isaac Tuttle, who graduates this month with a double major in history, and philosophy and theology, said his studies helped him refine his topic and discover some interesting local history. “I began with a study of Charles Spurgeon’s relationship with the American South, but this eventually led me to the fascinating character of A.C. Dixon,” Tuttle observed. “The more I researched, the more I realized that A.C. Dixon should be the focal point and Spurgeon should only be peripheral.”

Celsea Reeder, who attends veterinary school in the fall, said her research prepared her for this next chapter in her education. “I learned valuable lab and research skills that I know I'll carry with me into veterinary school,” Reeder shared. “This thesis has strengthened me, and the writing process has helped to improve my writing skills. I also learned about the funding that is available for research projects such as these. Without funding from the Department of Natural Sciences and the Honors Program, this research would not have been possible.”

The students who participated and their research topics, include:

• Trevor Alexander - An Investigation of Salmonids: Hybridization, Demands from Fish Markets, and Angler's Influence on their Future
• Kylie Ameres - The Prevalence of the Female Athlete Triad
• Kayla Donegan - Easing the Transition: An Analysis of the Final Practicum Experience
• Celsea Reeder - Analysis of Bacterial DNA and Water Quality: Surface Water Sampling at Gardner-Webb University.
• Joy Smith - The Positive and Negative Effects of Photography on Wildlife
• Isaac Tuttle - Peace as an Ideological War: How the Life of A. C. Dixon Reveals the Major Shifts in Transatlantic Evangelicalism after the U.S. Civil War
• Jordan Vitale - The Effects of Energy Drinks on Division I Soccer Midfielders: A Research Proposal

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