Blessed to Serve

Gabriel Nold ’17 Appreciates Professors Who Supported His Career Goals

Blessed to Serve

Gabriel Nold’s talents as a lineman gained him a spot on the football team at Gardner-Webb University. Besides the chance to play in Division I, the 2017 alumnus from Tampa, Fla., also wanted a college with a strong science program to prepare him for medical school. He accepted the athletic scholarship after visiting campus. “What truly sold me was the people,” Nold affirmed. “Everyone talked about how it was a family, and you could feel that from the moment you stepped on campus. While the football scholarship and athletic facilities drew me to the University, it was the people who convinced me that Gardner-Webb was the right fit for me.”

One of the many memorable classes and professors he had at Gardner-Webb was Dr. Meredith Rowe, assistant professor of Biology. “Her Immunology class was my most challenging major class,” he observed. “Dr. Rowe was such a phenomenal professor as she worked so hard to make sure that we understood the material. Many other GWU professors have a similar passion for helping students succeed. These are the type of professors who make a difference in your career and your life.”

Nold is enrolled at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) in Auburn, Ala. According to VCOM, osteopathic medicine uses current scientific knowledge to promote health and prevention and to treat patients with disease. Osteopathic physicians prescribe medications, perform surgery, and utilize osteopathic manipulative medicine as a tool for diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors in this field also seek to serve people with limited access to healthcare, which is the main reason Nold chose the profession. A mission trip to Haiti with others from GWU confirmed he was pursing the right field. The group raised money to install solar power at an orphanage and painted the building. “The excessive poverty and lack of medical aid was astonishing,” Nold described. “I realized there that extreme poverty exists everywhere. To be able to help in an underserved community every day as a part of my career would truly be a blessing.”

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