GWU Life Hacks: Transitions Guide

GWU’s First-Year Programs Presents the 2018 Online Transitions Guide

Transitions Guide

Transitioning to college can be tough. There are lots of details to remember—and a brand new environment to get accustomed to. Fortunately, Gardner-Webb University’s First-Year Programs works to ensure that first-year students make a successful transition into university life by exposing students to Gardner-Webb services, encouraging them to become leaders, and promote student success in every possible opportunity.

Whether it’s learning all of the necessary GWU lingo, where to find basic services, or how to get to class, the GWU Transitions Guide can help. The online guide is a handy resource for new and transfer students and their parents and is available at the click of a button.

The First-Year Experience Program at Gardner-Webb is designed to help: develop personal and academic success skills; stimulate intellectual curiosity and multidisciplinary thinking; encourage assimilation into “Dawg” culture; foster a sense of community; nurture faith; and stimulate service-based leadership.

“Each component works interdependently to give students a successful start in college, to develop invaluable life-long learning skills, and to promote thought-provoking studies and experiences that will continue beyond your first year at Gardner-Webb,” offered Jessica Herndon, director of First-Year Programs. “By making the most of your first year at GWU, you are unlocking your potential for success through graduation and beyond.”

Check out the 2018 Transitions Guide