Biomedical Sciences Concentration

New Concentration Prepares Students for Medical-Related or Research Fields Beginning Fall 2018

Biomedical Sciences concentration

Students who are planning a career in a medical-related or research field have a new undergraduate option available at Gardner-Webb University. Beginning in fall 2018, the Department of Natural Sciences will offer a biomedical sciences concentration within the biology major.

“These courses encompass the prerequisites for pharmacy school, medical school and dental school, while still providing a balanced education,” noted Dr. Meredith Rowe, assistant professor of biology. “We knew we had a lot of students interested in the medical fields, and this would be helpful for our students by providing them with a direct path to achieve their goals. We anticipate that the concentration will also be appealing to students who are interested in a molecular-level graduate program or who may want to work for a pharmaceutical company.”

The overall requirement to complete the Bachelor of Science degree is 128 hours. In addition to fulfilling Gardner-Webb’s general education requirements, students will take 46 credit hours in the new biomedical sciences concentration. Required courses include anatomy, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry, medical terminology, chemistry, organic chemistry and fundamentals of statistics and probability. Suggested electives complement the curriculum. “We have prescribed the electives more specifically for students who select the concentration,” Rowe added. “They choose either animal or plant science and choose from a list of biology electives.”

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