Business Doctoral Student Achieves Success

Doctor of Business Administration Program Celebrates Publication of Student’s Research

Business Doctoral Student Achieves Success

Philip Slater of Winston-Salem, N.C., recently completed his first semester in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at Gardner-Webb University. He is also celebrating another milestone—the publication of his first paper in an academic journal.

“I’m thrilled,” Slater shared. “Being a brand-new doctoral student, I wasn’t thinking it would get published.”

He wrote the paper for Dr. Anthony Negbenebor’s class. Part of the assignment was to submit it to a journal for publication. His paper examined why the framework for accounting used around the world hasn’t converged with the United States standard. Slater sent it to the “European Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research,” and the editors accepted it with minor revisions.

He was able to succeed, because his professors taught him how to write a scholarly article. “In my classes, research methods—both quantitative and qualitative were emphasized—as this is foundational to any doctoral-level course,” Slater observed. “I was able to use these newly-acquired research skills to locate a large amount of empirical research to support the hypotheses presented in my paper.”

Slater, a 2013 graduate of the GWU Master of Accountancy program, runs a consulting firm. He has been an adjunct instructor at Gardner-Webb since 2012. He also teaches and is the department head of Accounting and Finance at Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem.

Because of his experience with GWU, he knew the DBA program would be top-notch. He’s found the classes to be structured with working professionals in mind. “I really felt like the instructors here actually cared about me,” Slater affirmed. “At the college where I earned my bachelor’s and master’s in business administration, the instructors were like, ‘You have to get past me to graduate.’ The Gardner-Webb professors are like, ‘I want to partner with you, not intimidate you,’ and they want to help you graduate. You learn a lot more with that approach.”

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