Taking God’s Love Around the World

Shelby Robinson ’17 Shares Insights From World Race 2018

Shelby Robinson

Shelby Robinson, a 2017 alumna of Gardner-Webb University, recently arrived back home to Marion, N.C., after traveling to 11 countries in 11 months. She began her journey in January 2018 with the World Race mission organization.

She learned many lessons on her trip last year, but the most life-changing one came in Thailand in a city known for its sex tourism. While prayer-walking through a “red-light” district, Robinson and another team leader shuddered when a woman walked up behind them and put her hands on their shoulders. The dark and oppressive fear they felt nearly knocked them down.

“We took the perspective that what the woman experienced from us was equally as powerful, but with the light,” Robinson shared. “We trust the Lord did something greater even though we won’t see what that was.”

She realized a truth that sustained her throughout the trip as she worked with mission groups to share God’s love with strangers. “Every time fear is a factor in your life, it is also an opportunity to trust the Lord,” Robinson affirmed.

Additionally, a pastor in Zambia taught her to celebrate even the smallest miracles, like good food, safe travel and time for rest. The trip also developed her dependence on God’s word. As she searched the scriptures for guidance, she appreciated her biblical studies degree from Gardner-Webb. When she didn’t have a response to a question, she knew where to find the answer because of her GWU professors.

“Taking Hebrew classes really made me love scripture, and I learned to go beyond the surface level,” Robinson asserted. “Having that background helped me when we were clinging to the promises of scripture because that was all we had.”

After spending a month at home, Robinson plans to travel again. This time, she will join a World Race tour through America.

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