ESL Major Develops Handbooks for Teachers

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Shaquavia Chiles

Some of the most life-changing moments in a college student’s education can occur during experiences outside the walls of a classroom. At Gardner-Webb University, our students explore the world through field research, internships, study abroad, and community and global service.

During an in-depth, undergraduate summer research project, Shaquavia Chiles of Greenville, S.C., developed a classroom handbook for K-12 teachers who are trying to meet the needs of their English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students. “Typically, these teachers travel between two and sometimes three different schools, so that can present a problem for classroom teachers who may not be sure about how to help their students whose primary language is not English,” she explained. “The main goal of the project was to provide an immediate resource to teachers to help them implement strategies that can improve ESL-student interactions.”

The result of Chiles’ research project is a printed handbook. “I really wanted the final version to be beneficial not only to me but to people all over the world," Chiles stated.

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