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GWU Announces Availability of 2017 Experts Guide

The Gardner-Webb University Office of University and Media Relations has prepared a list of campus sources who can provide expert commentary on a wide range of topics for the news media and also serve as community resources. 

The 2017 GWU Experts Guide is a resource that members of the news media and the community at large can utilize to connect with specialists, thought leaders, and subject matter experts. Whether the topic is education, literature, science, health, music, religion, or politics, representatives from Gardner-Webb can offer unique insight and information on a range of issues.

The Office of University and Media Relations is available to assist media outlets and community groups in matching experts with topics. The Office also can provide assistance in finding an expert not listed. To learn more or to connect with a Gardner-Webb subject matter expert, contact Noel Manning, Associate VP for Communications and Marketing.

View the 2017 Experts Guide below: