Art Up Close

Ignite Your Future

Some of the most life-changing moments in a college student's education can occur during experiences outside the walls of a classroom. At Gardner-Webb University, our students explore the world through field research, internships, study abroad, and community and global service.

Students like Alice Byrd, '18, who study away are able to take advantage of cultural immersion programs that allow for a different way of looking at life, other people, and places.

While visiting the official residence of the Pope, Byrd studied one of her favorite fresco paintings, Raphael's "School of Athens," from mere feet away. She had explored the world of art from a young age, but this trip to Italy was her opportunity to see historic works of art up close. "Pieces that are amazing in a textbook become breathtaking when you're standing in front of them," Byrd reflects. "It is truly a magical experience to see the original work in the place that it was intended to be." The moment was among many brushes with history for Byrd and her fellow Gardner-Webb students during one month in the summer when Italy became their GWU classroom.

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