Top-Dollar Opportunities

Scholarships and Grants Abound at Gardner-Webb

Students aiming for a top-notch Christian education at Gardner-Webb University will soon discover a range of resources to help make their dreams a reality.

Multiple scholarship opportunities are available at GWU. From institutional scholarships and grants—like the Presidential Scholarship and the Opportunity Grant—full-time students can receive awards up to $17,000, depending upon their academic profile and residential status.

The Ignite Excellence Scholarship is one of the most competitive academic scholarships offered to traditional undergraduate students. Each year, hundreds of students vie for an opportunity to win a comprehensive scholarship valued at over $160,000 over four years. Other exceptional scholarships are awarded as part of the Ignite Excellence program, and each participant receives a minimum $2,000 scholarship for attending the interview.

Performance-based scholarships are also available at GWU. Athletic scholarships are awarded by individual coaches and are offered in men and women’s basketball, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, men’s baseball, football, and wrestling, and women’s softball and volleyball.

Other unique scholarships and grants can be awarded to students based on their participation in specific campus events.

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