National PA Week

Gardner-Webb Physician Assistant Studies Program Celebrates Contributions of PAs

Gardner-Webb Celebrates National PA Week

In recognition of the more than 115,000 Physician Assistants (PAs) in the United States and students and alumni of the program, Gardner-Webb University PA Studies is celebrating National PA Week, Oct. 6-12.

Austin Pippin, president of the GWU PA Class of 2020, appreciates his chosen profession for several reasons. “I want to be a PA because I think it’s the perfect avenue of medicine,” Pippin observes. “I admire the autonomy PAs are awarded, but I love the team aspect of the medical module in our training. I think it will be an amazing way to provide high quality care to any and all patients as well as impact their lives by building a rapport with every visit.”

Since the GWU PA Studies Program was established in 2014, graduates have secured jobs in an array of rural and urban medical settings, including trauma centers, emergency departments and internal medicine clinics

Pippin is thankful for the exceptional support of the GWU faculty. “We have a diverse faculty who bring different experiences to the table, and they care about all 35 of us,” he shares. “They abide by the open-door policy, and we all take advantage of that. Constantly popping in to say good morning, to sneak candy, or to discuss a difficult lecture topic.”

The PA students will host informational displays in Tucker Student Center Oct. 8 from noon to 5 p.m. The display will include a “Cast a PA” fundraising event. Buy a $5 roll of fiberglass casting tape (material used to make casts for broken bones) and wrap up a PA student like a mummy.

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