Greetings GWU Parents and Families! 

“Home stretch,” is the phrase I hear often on campus over the next few weeks as the fall semester comes to an end. Gardner-Webb University students have worked hard all semester academically, spiritually, socially, and athletically.  They have chosen to engage by making the most of their time. The last two weeks on campus will be a push to finish well. You might be wondering, how can you appropriately support your student during the last few weeks of this semester? Here are a few ideas:

  • Be available. Your student might want to talk or process class work load.
  • Keep the focus on them. You might not hear from them as much over the next two weeks as they focus on completing necessary work for classes or studying for exams. It doesn’t mean they care about you less, it means they are at the crunch of the semester.
  • Be an encouragement. You know your student better than most, what helps them in times of stress? It could be a card in the mail, “Venmo-ing” them some extra money, or stopping in to take them out for a favorite meal.
  • Last when your student arrives home help them exhale. The three weeks between fall and spring semesters are so important for finding rest and refueling.

In closing, I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and I look forward to the beginning of 2020.


Thank you,

Dr. Sarah A. Currie
Vice President of Student Development &
Dean of Students