May 2019

Greetings GWU Parents and Families! 

The semester is winding down and final exams are just a few days away.  Soon our students will once again be making the trek home for summer.  Ah….summer break.  The time to unwind, relax, spend lazy days in the sun, and forget about classes and homework and… WAIT!  The Student Success Center would like to remind you that there are things your student can do in the summer in order to make their academic journey a little smoother for future semesters:

  1. Take a Summer Class – get a general-education/core requirement out of the way; start the foreign language requirement; try an online class; GET AHEAD! GWU has seated as well as online offerings:

Seated Course Schedule

Online Course Schedule

  1. Take a summer class near home – If your student plans to take a summer class at a community college near home, make sure the proper forms are completed to ensure transferability. Need help with that?  No problem.  Just call the Student Success Center and ask to speak with an advisor 704-406-3980 or stop by (Tucker Center 3rd Floor) before leaving for summer break.

  2. Contact your professors – make a recommendation to your student to email their professors for fall 2019: ask if a syllabus is available to review; ask about required readings; ask about assignments.  Getting a head start during the summer can really help with organization for the fall!

  3. Get an Internship – Most majors at GWU either require an internship or highly recommend one. If your student needs assistance in this area, please remind them to have a conversation with their faculty advisor.

  4. Review the Degree Evaluation – all students should take time to review their degree evaluation (located on Webbconnect) and map out a completion plan to make sure their expected graduation date is within reach.

These are just a few things to help your student advocate for themselves academically.  If your student needs some guidance for summer academic planning, please remind them to call or stop by the Student Success Center suite on 3rd Floor of the Tucker Student Center.  Last, but certainly not least, please encourage your student to rest, relax and rejuvenate in order to be ready for the fall!  Happy Summer Everyone! 

Your Student Success Division: Academic Advising, Academic Services for Student-Athletes, Disability Services, First-Year Programs, LEAP Peer Tutoring, Retention, and the Writing Center

Carmen Butler
Associate Provost for Student Success