October 2019

Greetings GWU Parents and Families!

What is the difference in a Gardner-Webb freshman and me? A few decades, for sure! But we began our journey at Gardner-Webb University at the same time! My name is Tammy Bass and I began my journey as Director of First-Year Programs only days before our students arrived for the 2019-2020 academic year! One other thing I hope we have in common is that I still call home to talk to my Mom and tell her how things are going on this part of my journey. I hope you are experiencing this, but if not, know that all of us at Gardner-Webb have a keen eye on your student. They are testing their independence and trying to figure out when in all their busy schedule that they can call or text and answer all your questions! We want them to be successful as much as you do! In my area we are particularly interested in encouraging skills to help them adjust socially and academically!

Let’s be honest, the excitement of freshman year or being back on campus may have worn off. Now the first research paper and mid-terms are in sight. You won’t believe it, but it is almost time to start registering for Spring classes. It is time to fill out those FASFA forms! Seniors are reviewing their degree evaluations and applying for graduation! October brings the beauty of Fall and the reality of all the work that needs to be done before students get that longed for “Fall Break!” (October 21-22).

As the excitement wanes and the work increases, please remind your student to take advantage of the many resources available at Gardner-Webb: caring faculty and staff, the Writing Center, the LEAP Tutoring Center, the Counseling Center, and others. Also, encourage your students to take advantage of life-enriching (and often stress-reducing) opportunities: student activities, intramural sports, worship and service experiences, and so much more!

My decades of life since I was a Freshman give me a seasoned perspective – Gardner-Webb is a beautiful campus filled with caring people who strive to serve students well. This is a place loaded with opportunity! Pray for your students, that they will grow in “wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Gardner-Webb is a place where that can happen!

Tammy Bass
Director of First-Year Programs
Gardner-Webb University