An inventory is a way to assist in providing insight and clarity in discovering personal strengths and attributes that can assist you in choosing a career.  Before considering an inventory, consult the GWU Center for Personal and Professional Development for more information about the steps needed to complete these assessments.

Discover Your Strengths!

Strengths Quest 

Beginning Fall 2017, all incoming freshmen complete the Gallop Strengths Quest assessment during their University 111 course.  This assessment provides students with a highly researched talent profile to use as a guide for aligning their major and career options with their personal desires and design. Any traditional undergraduate student attending prior to Fall 2017 that has not taken the Strengths Quest assessment can request this opportunity by emailing

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Clarifying Natural Talents

Dewey Color System Career Leadership Evaluation 5.0

Empower Success With Coaching Tips! This assessment identifies your most enjoyable career paths. Then, guides you towards how to best present yourself in an interview.
Career Leadership Evaluation


Dewey Color System Color Career Indicator 4.1

Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations! You receive a report of Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations. One click delivers by occupation updated career statistics, another click a video of that career.
Color Career Indicator


Understanding Your Personality

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. The results of this test will provide a way for understanding individual differences and the way different people think, communicate, and interact.
MBTI Assessment

For a free MBTI Assessment, go to


Focus on Values

Identifying and establishing personal values is a great way to connect areas of importance to career options. 

Values Center Assessment


Clarifying Career Opportunities

The Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is one of the most respected and highly used career planning instruments. This particular instrument can help you find the most satisfying career and the educational and leisure choices that best fit your interests. Contact Career Development regarding this assessment.
STRONG Assessment