Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Renter's Insurance?

Housing and Residence Education very strongly advises that each resident carry individual renter's insurance for his or her personal property in the event of fire, flood, theft, tornado, overflowing tubs, broken pipes, water main breaks, etc. You must understand that Gardner-Webb University and the Office of Housing and Residence Education DOES NOT and CANNOT protect any personal belongings against burglary, vandalism, fire, smoke, and other perils. You must also understand that by not having personal liability insurance, you may be liable to third parties and to Gardner-Webb University or the Office of Housing and Residence Education for certain situations/hazards that are covered by renter's insurance.

You may be covered by your parents' homeowner's insurance. Housing and Residence Education strenuously encourages you to check with your parents' homeowner's insurance company to see what is covered and additional information necessary for coverage.

When can I check-in to Housing? 

Please review Housing and Residence Education’s Move-In Calendar located on the Housing and Residence Education Website.

Can I check-in early? 

It may be possible for Housing and Residence Education to permit you to check-in early. Please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Education concerning early check-in inquiries. You will need to complete an Early Arrival Request Form. If the request is approved, you will be billed at a rate of $25.00 per day for each day that you reside in Housing and Residence Education facilities prior to your official check-in date. Completion of the Early Arrival Request Form does not guarantee that Gardner-Webb University or Gardner-Webb University Housing and Residence Education will permit a student to check-in early.

What do I need to bring during check-in?

There is a detailed listing of items that you can bring to Campus, along with a list of items that you cannot bring to campus, located on the Housing website. This information is also provided in the Guide to Residential Living.

What are the dimensions of my room? 

Please refer to the Housing Website and/or the Guide to Residential Living for this information.

What is the size of my bed? 

Please refer to the Housing Website and/or the Guide to Residential Living for this information.

Is it permissible to loft my bed?

Students residing in the traditional residence halls and the University Commons Suites are permitted to loft their beds. Please refer to the Housing Quick Facts section of the Guide to Residential Living concerning specifics about what type of loft you are permitted to install in your room. Be advised that the University is transitioning towards standardized furniture, and that home-built lofts are not permissible in all residential facilities.

Please review the Helpful Guide for Lofting Beds, which details size limitations and material listings for building a loft. Again, students residing in residence halls that have recently updated their furniture to the new University-Standard will be required to purchase a loft from the University Campus Shop.

Students residing in Royster Hall, Stroup Hall, and/or the University Commons Suites must purchase a lofting kit from the University Campus Shop, as home-built lofts are not permissible in these facilities.

All students who decide to loft their beds must complete a Liability Release Waiver.

May I have a refrigerator or microwave in my room?

Refrigerators and microwaves are permitted in residential facilities. Refrigerators can be no more than 4.3 cubic feet in size. Housing and Residence Education recommends the use of Energy Star-rated appliances.

Can I have candles?

Due to fire code regulations, open flame of any kind, including candles and incense, is not permitted in residence halls. Student owned grills are prohibited. Charcoal grills provided by the University may be used when available.

Can I have a pet?

Non-carnivorous fish in tanks with a capacity of 10 gallons or less are permitted. No other pets of any kind are permitted.