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2023 Advent Devotion: Day 3

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Tuesday, December 5

Micah 4:6-13; Revelation 18:1-10

Every year my family goes on vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C. It’s our family tradition. We have our favorite seafood restaurant that we must go to on the first night and other customs such as my husband getting up before sunrise for his morning coffee and making sure my favorite refresher and breakfast sandwich is on the nightstand when I finally wake up. Usually, however, it has become watered down because he habitually forgets to ask for light ice. During our most recent beach trip, our children observed something very out of the ordinary for what they call our “lame beach trip.” This observation triggered a great discussion for the duration of our vacation. From the 13th floor of the condo, my 13-year-old son excitedly called for the entire family to join him on the balcony to watch a man drag a six-foot-tall cross across the sand. My family of six shared many comments on this day while following the man with our eyes.

His actions prompted me to discuss what it means to carry your cross daily. I explained how we live in a Babylon society, one that attempts to leave God out of everything and promotes all types of sexuality, injustice, consumerism, violence, deception, and idolatry. My oldest daughter asked why it’s so hard to be a disciple these days. We discussed the challenges of being a disciple for Christ during this generation and agreed that we are constantly under the pressure of Babylon. We study under its pressure; we are entertained under its pressure; we work in Babylonian businesses, hospitals, and even attend its schools.
This discussion reminded me of Revelation 18:1-10 and its warnings of engaging in Babylon.

These ten verses depict a culture of sin, lust, and greed. While we are in this world that parallels Babylon, there is a stern warning in these scriptures that compels us to “come out of her, my people.” While we don’t know when things will change, scripture supports that Babylon is falling, and when it starts to fall, it will fall quickly. She might look stable and strong, but it’s an illusion.

As disciples of Christ, God wants to protect and restore us. Micah 4:6-13 highlights that Christ will deliver a great peace that God is going to bring across various people, groups, and nations as the gospel goes forth and His kingdom expands. As disciples of Christ, I encourage you to show others that they can live a life free of Babylon, that we live under a different kingdom, a kingdom in which we demonstrate peace, love one another, and extend grace and mercy, the same that is extended to us each day.

Simone McIntyre
Assistant Professor, Department of Counselor Education

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