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Career Development

Equipping You for Meaningful Life Beyond College

Graduation is Only the Beginning of What’s
Possible For You

Gardner-Webb University’s Center for Personal and Professional Development equips students, connects them to their purpose, and empowers them to pursue their life-long passions. 

By coordinating a collaborative network of campus partnerships, the Center for Personal and Professional Development is able to deliver a comprehensive program that addresses holistic student development – from your personal and professional skills to the missional mindset that drives your ambitions and achievements.

At each stage of your journey, there are milestones, activities, and achievements that you can look to for a sense of progress and to take stock of all that you’ve accomplished and the wonderful things you still have ahead! 

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Online Learning Lab

Our Online Learning Lab provides content from our most popular workshops in easy to complete modules, accessible to students at any time. Simply click on a module link to begin!

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