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Pre-Professional Pathways

Prepare for the Next Step in Your Journey Today

Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Post-Graduate Studies.

In your journey to a compelling career, Gardner-Webb University may only be the first step in collegiate and professional education. For that reason, we are proud to offer specific pre-professional pathways to prepare you now for what tomorrow will require. 


Students interested in a career in healthcare can choose from a range of pre-professional pathways offered by Gardner-Webb. Whether your interests lie in helping people get back on their feet, providing care and attention to animals, or another area of healthcare, Gardner-Webb provides the first step.

Pre-healthcare students can choose an area of focus within Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, or Physical Therapy.


Jeffrey Hartman, PH.D.

Professor of Exercise Science

180 Health Sciences Building

[email protected]

(704) 406-3202

Dr. Meredith Rowe

Assistant Professor of Biology

115 Gardner Webb Lab Center

[email protected]

(704) 406-2141


The Pre-Law Pathway is designed to be flexible and personalized courses of study that prepare students for the rigorous demands of law school through a combination of mentorship, coursework, and extracurricular activities.

At Gardner-Webb, we recognize that a well-rounded liberal arts education is the best preparation for careers in the legal profession and for law school. Law schools do not require a specific major but do emphasize that successful applicants should have well-developed skills in critical thinking, research, textual analysis, and written and oral communication.


Dr. Elizabeth Amato

Assistant Professor of Political Science

011 Frank Nanney Hall

[email protected]

(704) 406-4466


At Gardner-Webb University, pre-professional students come from a variety of majors, including, but not limited to, Biology, Chemistry, English, Exercise Science, History, Philosophy, and Political Science. Across all of these programs, students enjoy the advantages of small class sizes and direct contact with their professors. The community created by this pre-professional pathway is one of the most important aspects of its influence on your post-graduate career.

Because lectures and labs at GWU are taught by professors, rather than grad students or post-docs, you will work closely with faculty during your studies. These mentor-type relationships are vital to preparing you for the next step of professional schools. Students often even shadow professionals in the surrounding community or complete internships.

Regardless of the specific pathway your studies at GWU take, the community of faculty, staff, and peers in this program are here to help you on your journey towards a medical profession.