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Boiling Springs, North Carolina

It’s More Than an Address. It’s Our Family.

We Call Boiling Springs Home Because It Is

Nestled into the foothills of North Carolina, our small college town is more than just another rural mountain post office. It’s a close-knit community. It’s a family. It’s our home.

Located just around the corner from campus, the quaint streets of Boiling Springs, NC offer students and faculty a charming setting for academic, athletic, and recreational pursuits. From the friendly faces to the boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, and stores – our town is part of our family. 

The Mountains are Calling

Whether you’re grabbing a tube at the Greenway for an afternoon on the river or swinging by the local coffee shop on your way out to Crowder’s Mountain for a day hike, our backyard is an incredible place to spend your college years. Head over to our neighboring city of Shelby for the flannel-mandatory Cleveland County fair in the Fall. Or, just stroll the streets, taking in the Blue Ridge vistas while you visit the shops, museums and galleries. Wherever you look, there are opportunities for adventure and discovery outdoors.

Big City Adventures

Beyond our 225-acre campus, and the rolling Blue Ridge foothills, you’ll find plenty more to do in our surrounding larger metropolitan areas. With an hour or less of driving, you can easily be cheering with the crowds in Charlotte’s bustling uptown sports scene, strolling through Greenville’s destination downtown with it’s award-winning parks, restaurants, and arts scene, or exploring the offbeat culture and charm of Asheville.  

Service as Lifestyle

It’s important that you enjoy your time here in Boiling Springs. But just as importantly, we want you to pursue the many opportunities for personal, spiritual, and intellectual growth that our community provides. Whether it’s service with a local nonprofit, area missions and ministry work or internships and networking with local businesses, there is far more for you to do here than meets the eye. Our community is as engaged in your development as we are – just one more thing that makes this such a truly special place.