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Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)

GWU PACE is the Gardner-Webb University Professional and Continuing Education program.

What is GWU PACE?

Gardner-Webb University’s Professional and Continuing Education program offers very specific, online and in-person courses to enhance the skill levels of professionals ranging from entry level to mid-management, executive, and beyond.

These courses provide you with real world capabilities, based on current trends and research, that will advance your career and improve your effectiveness.

The GWU PACE Program offers CEU credits and certificate programs from different disciplines to help you improve your skills and impact society. It also offers fully customized training modules in partnership with corporations and other institutions that govern and issue discipline or specialized certificates.

All short (1, 2 or 3 days; some for few weeks) courses are taught by GWU faculty members and come with a certificate of completion.

The Charlotte Center

The Charlotte Center is home to the Gardner-Webb Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) program, located at 8030 Arrowridge Blvd., in Charlotte.

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