Your personal sales pitch in 140 characters or less

How do you tell about your skills and abilities in 30 seconds? Creating this message is an important statement about you, and helps to start a conversation that leads to networking and building a relationship with another professional. Consider this pitch as a short advertisement for you that is concise and clever. Here’s how to get started.

Developing the Pitch

  1. Introduction: Remember to make good eye contact, strong handshake, and smile!
    • Hi, my name is____________.
  2. Background Information: Ask Yourself- What is unique about you?
    • I am pursuing a __ major at Gardner-Webb University
    • I graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a bachelors/masters degree in____
    • I would like to work at____ because I want to learn____.
  3. Expertise: Share Your Experiences
    • Currently I work at ______________ as a _____________ where I am responsible for _____________.
    • My experience (internship, academic, work, leadership, volunteer) includes _____________.
  4. Strengths and Skills: Describe Your Contributions and Accomplishments
    • One of my greatest strengths is _____.
    • I am skilled in _________. (Showcase skills that relate to your field or the employer)
  5. Connect Back to the Employer: Why Have You Shared the Information You Did?
    • My experience/skills will benefit your company through _________________________________.
    • I recognize these skills are important to you because____________________________.
  6. Call to Action: Provide a Chance for Follow-Up
    • It was a pleasure speaking with you. Could I follow-up about future opportunities with your company?
    • Could I stay in contact with you about ______?
    • I would like to hear more about what career opportunities are available to me.

Other Considerations

  • Be mindful of Non-Verbal Communication: Use direct eye contact, straight posture, strong voice, no “um’s” and don’t forget to smile!
  • First impressions matter. Don’t forget to breathe and remember you are the expert in this situation.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Write your pitch down and practice delivery. Try recording your pitch.