Professional Readiness Experience

The Professional Readiness Experience (PRE) is a graduation requirement designed to prepare students for the world of work by providing practical and relevant professional development experience aligned with their chosen career field.

The PRE gives students the opportunity to demonstrate specific skills and experience in a real-world work setting. Students are expected to couple this experience with resume development, interview and networking skills, and refinement of professional goals.

Learn About Your Options

Meet with your assigned academic advisor to discuss your options for meeting the PRE. Most students will take a PRE designated course in their major to meet this requirement. Your academic advisor can share more about this option. Some academic departments require you to take a PRE designated course in your major, but others do not. If you are not required to take one in your major, you may choose to pursue one of the five non-credit bearing options below upon approval by your academic advisor.

Select the option that best suits your needs. If you are required to or decide to take a PRE designated course in your major, your academic advisor will need to register you for that option. If you choose to pursue one of the five non-credit bearing options upon approval by your academic advisor, click the link below to complete the application to pursue this. You’ll receive an email reply outlining your next steps from the Center for Personal & Professional Development. Students are required to complete all next steps to before they can be enrolled in a PREX experience. As with any course, students will not be registered for a PREX experience after the Drop/Add period for registration as ended.

Pass/Fail Grading for Non-credit Bearing Options

When a student is taking a non-credit bearing Professional Readiness Experience (PREX) course work will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Passing grades for these should reflect a quality of work equivalent to a grade of C or better. A passing grade will be indicated in the student’s records by a grade of “P”; failing will be indicated by a grade of “F”.

As these experiences do not carry credit hours, the Pass/Fail grades do not provide quality points nor are they figured into GPA calculations. A “P” (i.e. passing) in an independent PRE indicates fulfillment of the PRE graduation requirement.