Use this checklist as a resource for you to review all social media network profiles to ensure what is available about you electronically is presenting a professional and job-ready image of you!

Where are you online? Locate all social media profiles

  • Which networks do you use, including those outside the big 4 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+).
  • Others to consider: Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.
    • Even if it “disappears,” think about if a picture etc. can be taken of the post.
  • Make a comprehensive list of the network type, URL, Profile Name, and last Activity Date. Keep this in an excel sheet for easy access.
  • Are all actively used or do you need to disable?

Examine all social media profiles

  • What are your goals for using each site?
  • Review all details.
  • Look for consistency between each site.

Check for Completion and Consistency

  • Ask yourself: What does each site say about you?
  • Solicit someone else’s opinion about each of your sites.
  • Ask yourself: Is the site helpful or harmful to your professional brand?
  • With each site:
    • Examine your profile for accuracy and thoroughness.
    • Check tone of your profile.
    • Are your URLs uniform?.
    • Review all pictures, posts etc. for harmful information.
    • Carefully examine privacy settings

Goals to Achieve Professional Online Image

  • Google your name and examine the results. Make note of anything that belongs to someone else with your name.
  • Review dropbox and other sites.
  • Set parameters on what you should post and what others can post of you.
  • Reflect on how each social media site can be a job networking tool as well as a personal outlet.