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Our Services

The Learning Resource Center’s writing services offer a chance for students to elevate their writing skills through one-on-one appointments and workshop opportunities. Our writing staff aims to provide constructive feedback on students’ works of writing to help foster critical thinking and mastery over academic English. Students needing writing consultation can schedule appointments through Webbconnect via the “Academic Support” folder. 

The Learning Resource Center’s tutoring services are offered to enrich students in-class learning through personalized guidance on course material. Students should note that tutors may have multiple people within a session; this can be an exciting time to collaborate with other students and continue learning from one another! Students can schedule an appointment through Webbconnect via the “Academic Support” folder.  

Dedicated events are hosted periodically by the LRC staff, offering opportunities for students to refine their academic skills. The Division of Student Success’s Instagram page, @gwu_divisionofstudentsuccess, regularly features upcoming events. 

Runnin’ Bulldogs, come prepared!  

  • Review Class Material: Go over your class notes, textbooks, and any relevant materials to identify specific areas where you’re struggling or need clarification. Remember to bring these materials (including a charged laptop, textbook, notes, and other study material) with you to the appointment! 
  • Attempt Problems or Exercises: Try to work on problems or exercises related to the subject matter before the tutoring session. This can help pinpoint areas where you need assistance.  
  • Identify Specific Questions: Make a list of questions or topics you’d like to discuss during the tutoring session. This helps focus the session on your immediate needs. 
  • Set Goals for the Session: Establish specific goals you want to achieve during the tutoring session. Whether it’s mastering a particular concept or improving problem-solving skills, having clear objectives can enhance the effectiveness of the session. 
  • Be Open and Honest: Communicate openly with your tutor about your learning style, preferences, and any concerns you may have. This helps them tailor their approach to better meet your needs. 
  • Come with an Open Mind: Be receptive to new approaches and explanations. Tutors may offer different perspectives or strategies that can enhance your understanding of the material. 
  • Remember to Follow the Honor Code: Read and understand the Gardner-Webb Honor Code before coming to make sure you are following university guidelines when getting assistance with work. 
  • Join Zoom Session Early: Join with your laptop or tablet, sharing any information through your screen.  
  • Prepare for a Writing Consultation: Bring a copy of the assignment, anything you’ve written, and any research or course related materials you’ve gathered.