New Student Orientation


New Students

New Student Orientation

Welcome to Gardner-Webb University. You are embarking on a journey that will offer you amazing opportunities of growth – academically, spiritually, and socially. New Student Orientation (NSO) will provide a basic introduction to college life and offer resources for the challenges that you may encounter.

How to Register

New Student Orientation (First Year and Transfer Students) – The date should be August 12th – August 15th.

Each student will be expected to register for New Student Orientation.

We need this information to prepare for your arrival in January. This will be the opportunity to share with us of any special needs you or your family members may have. If a sign language interpreter is needed for you or family member, please indicate this in the space provided.

Orientation Checklist


State law requires that all students have their immunizations up to date and on file.

Mail or bring your completed form with you to Orientation. You will not be considered a GWU student until the Registrar has this record on file.

ID Card

You will be able to have your photo ID card made when you arrive. Carry this ID card with you at all times. It will be your access to facilities and events on campus.

Vehicle Registration

Pre-register your vehicle by following these simple instructions:

  1. Login to WebbConnect using your GWU Username and Password.
  2. Click on HOUSING-MEALS-VEHICLE located on the left-hand side.
  4. Complete all required fields.
  5. Submit your registration.
  6. Your vehicle is now pre-registered. Your parking sticker will be available for pick up from University Police during Orientation. The cost of the permit will be $150 which will be included in your bill.
  7. If you are not bringing a vehicle, there is an option to OPT-OUT of the vehicle registration. If you have questions, contact University Police at (704) 406-4444.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Orientation?
Orientation for New Students and Transfer Students will be The date should be August 12th – August 15th.

Is Orientation Mandatory?
Orientation is mandatory for all New Students; this includes transfer students and commuters.

If I attended Jump Start do I still need to attend Orientation?
Yes. Orientation is still mandatory even if you attended Jump Start.

If I received an early college degree do I have to attend Orientation?
Yes. Orientation is still mandatory even if you received an early college degree.