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Land your dream internship or take a semester abroad – learn more about the opportunities that will shape your academic experience inside the classroom and around the world.

John R. Dover Memorial Library

The library houses over 282,000 physical texts in a 45,000 square foot multi-purpose space, complete with study rooms and vending options to meet your study, research, and caffeine needs.

The library also offers amazing online resources, with 117 databases, 500,000 E-books, and over 230,000 academic journal titles available from anywhere with internet access.

Academic Enhancements

The Center for Personal and Professional Development

Your first year is a great time to explore academic, career, and co-curricular opportunities that match your strengths and passions. Follow our first-year checklist to find a campus community that will help you thrive:

  • Attend the August Connect Fair.
  • Visit the Center for Personal & Professional Development to begin accessing our resources and services.
  • Attend our workshops on topics like:
    • Time Management and Goal Setting
    • Launching Your Ideas Using Design Thinking
    • Refining Your Purpose
    • Five Things Effective Leaders Do
  • Get involved with a campus club and participate in service opportunities that align with your talents and interests.
  • Explore local church involvement options.
  • Develop a balanced routine that includes healthy nutrition, exercise, recreation, and mental health practices.
  • Explore options for part-time employment and/or internships.
  • Find a faculty mentor aligned with your academic major.
  • Join the Top Dawg Spirit & Pride incentive program.

Research, study away and internships

You’ll have opportunities to go beyond the classroom by taking a semester abroad through the Study Away program, experiencing a summer internship that puts you one step closer to that dream job, or participating in field research for a thesis or graduate application.

“I hope when I graduate to begin working in film scoring. Having two-and-a-half hours of full-orchestra music that I’ve written on my resume is going to be incredibly helpful as I apply for jobs. I think in the end that will make a huge difference in showing employers what I’ve done.”

Christian Jessup ’17

Honors Information

Students in the Honors Program can supplement their core requirements with courses like Science and Religion or Japanese Language and Culture Seminar that emphasize classroom dialogue and interdisciplinary study. Honors students complete a thesis or capstone project that can lay the groundwork for graduate level research, or serve as a portfolio piece for future professional opportunities.

“From annual camping trips along the New River, where I met some of my best friends, to regional and national honors conferences, where I had the opportunity to present my own research and work in a professional setting, my experience with the Honors Program was phenomenal.”

Emily DeVries ’16, Public Relations

The Writing Center

Under the direction of a faculty writing specialist, the Writing Center’s team of trained graduate and undergraduate tutors can help you revise and edit individual papers and develop your writing skills through free face-to-face and video consultations.

Peer Tutoring

Our peer tutoring service is available for all general education courses and some major courses.  All tutoring is fulfilled by our highly intelligent undergraduate students.

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