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What’s it like to live in a residence hall? What’s happening on the weekends? Get insight into the campus life you can look forward to as a Bulldog.

Residence Life

Living on campus is an incredible experience, but only if you come prepared! Use this list to get started, and consult the Guide to Residential Living for all the details.

Housing Checklist


  • Decorations: Posters, signs, banners, Polaroids, and artwork can all make your dorm feel a bit more like home.
    • Pro-Tip: Record players sound great and give your room a retro vibe.
  • Entertainment: Your TV, gaming console, and Blu-ray player are all great additions to your dorm or apartment, as well as board games and card decks for those rare moments when you aren’t watching Netflix.
    • Pro-Tip: Don’t forget a power strip.
  • Your ‘Adulting’ list: trash can, broom, shower caddy, shower flip flops, towels, toiletries, laundry basket, flashlight, umbrella, study lamp, fan, microwave, mini-fridge
    • Pro Tip: A Keurig goes a long way if you have morning classes on your schedule.

Don’t Bring

Save yourself the trouble and leave the following items at home: pets, extension cords, heaters/ac units, weapons, hot plates, deep fryers, candles and other flammable aromatics, grills, etc.

For a complete breakdown of prohibited items and practices:

Additional Resources

MicroFridge: An energy efficient refrigerator/freezer/microwave unit available to Gardner-Webb students for rent or purchase through the Standards for Living website.

Linens Program: We want to make sure every student has the right windowXL bedding for move-in. Guaranteed to last until graduation, our wide selection of custom-sized linens is certain to fit every bed on campus. We also provide a variety of other residence hall room must haves, including extra-long comforters, extra-long mattress pads, extra-long thermal blankets, pillows, storage solutions and anything else you will need.

Roommate Tips

  • Get in touch with your roommate prior to check in if possible. Talk about your living space preferences and consult our housing checklist to consolidate potentially shared items (TV, trashcan, etc.).
  • Share schedules to identify and address any potential conflicts before they happen.
  • Be honest about behavior that bothers you, and make your expectations clear.
  • Give yourself and your roommate space by making a point to spend some non-class occupied time away from your room.
  • Find a mutually acceptable level of room cleanliness.

Student Activities

Student Activities helps ensure your college experience is fun and memorable by hosting great events throughout the year. Don’t miss these student favorites:

The Legendary Pancake Bingo Night

This night, held during the week of finals, is great as an excuse to put off studying for a few hours and eat too many pancakes. The addition of campus-wide bingo with prizes on the line (emceed by our Chief of Police and his corny jokes) is what makes it legendary.

Free Movies, Bowling, and Laser Tag Night at the Big-E

It’s all there in the title (some of you didn’t need to read past ‘free’).

Spring Formal

Dress up and dance the night away in a decked out, lit-up, and extremely loud Tucker Student Center.

Last Blast End-of-Year Celebration

Send off the school year right with a special meal from the Caf staff, served on the quad block party style with lawn games, waterslides, and maybe some live music.

Movies on the Quad

Like a drive-in theater without the cars. You bring the blankets, and we’ll supply the popcorn, projector screen, and cinematic masterpiece.

Technology Services

Our Technology Services Department is your on-campus resource for issues related to network connectivity, academic technology, and hardware/software procurement. Each campus residence has a designated student technician (Res Tech) to assist with technology issues specific to their assigned dorm or apartment.

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