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9 Things to Know About Title IX

  1. Title IX is a civil right that prohibits sex discrimination in education
  2. Title IX applies to all students regardless of gender identity.
  3. All schools receiving federal funding, including public K-12 schools and the majority of colleges, are subject to Title IX.
  4. Gardner-Web cannot discourage you from continuing your education.
  5. Gardner-Webb can issue no-contact directives to prevent accused students from approaching or interacting with you.
  6. Gardner-Webb must have an established procedure for handling complaints sexual of discrimination, harassment, and violence.
  7. Gardner-Webb can put supportive measures in place to ensure that no student has to share campus spaces with their abuser.
  8. Gardner-Webb prohibits retaliation against someone filing a complaint and must keep complainants safe from other retaliatory harassment.
  9. Gardner-Webb must be proactive in ensuring that your campus is free from sex discrimination.


If you have questions, contact [email protected]. Learn more about Gardner-Webb’s Title IX policy at the link below.

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