Submitting a deposit makes your enrollment official.

There are two ways to submit your deposit and secure your place in the incoming class.


  1. Pay online through WebbConnect (the quick, secure, and preferred method of payment)
  2. Log in to WebbConnect
  3. Select “Pay Your Enrollment Deposit”
  4. Complete the New Student Housing Application
  5. You will be prompted to pay your deposit as part of the Housing Application

Online Form

If you are unable to locate your WebbConnect login information, there is another option, no login required.

Click on the link below, and complete the online form to submit your deposit.

WebbConnect First-time User

If you haven’t logged into WebbConnect for the first time, you will need your student ID number to retrieve your username and password. If you don’t know your ID number, you can contact your admissions counselor for this number.

Follow the steps listed in the attached document for more information on how to login to WebbConnect.