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Advent Reflection: Day 24

Tuesday, December 22

Samuel 1:19–28; Hebrews 8:1–13

We were all set apart to fulfill God’s purpose. In Hannah’s story and Samuel’s birth, we understand God’s purpose for those who are set apart for his service. We also gain knowledge of perseverance in faith. Hannah was barren, but she had bold faith and belief that God can do the impossible. Hannah’s faith involved trusting God’s actions, even though what she hoped for did not happen right away.

Although Peninnah taunted her, she was loved by God and Elkanah, her husband; even Eli’s assertion of her seeming drunkenness did not shatter her faith. Hannah was pregnant with purpose, and her seed, Samuel, was priceless. God had chosen Hannah as a vessel to carry out his plan for the Israelites and make way for the high priest. Hannah’s dedication of her son to God is an example of consistency in prayer we can follow. Samuel was given a personalized calling plan (PCP) for his life. Like Samuel, God has given each of us our personalized calling plan. Before Samuel was formed in Hannah’s womb, God foreknew him and set him apart for service in his kingdom. Samuel served out his purpose for the Israelite generation. He was a part of God’s plan to anoint David as the true king of Israel. It is from David’s bloodline that we have the Messiah.

We all are a part of God’s master plan for kingdom building. It is only in God that we discover our purpose. We are his royal priesthood, a chosen people to proclaim the word of God. The priesthood came, so our personalized DNA (Divine New Covenant Affirmation) could manifest itself on earth. God left no details about our DNA to circumstance, and he planned every moment of our lives. Hebrews 8:11 tells us his laws and promises for humanity are on the hearts of people. He sits at the right hand of God, where he ministers to his people. God’s grace has given each of us the gifts, tools, and provisions needed to carry out his promises.

I am thankful to be the recipient of such a precious gift to carry out God’s ministry. It brings comfort to know that God foreknew me and gave me a personalized calling plan for my life. I have bold faith and confidence in God that my purpose here on earth will continue to manifest. Even in these unprecedented times, I see the movement of God in my life. God has opened doors of opportunity to share his word. With this confidence and irrevocable calling, I can move forward with kingdom building.

When we are hopeful and persevere in faith like Hannah, we will receive God’s promises.

We have to trust and believe that what God has for us will come to pass. We have been called and set apart for God’s purpose. This calling is unchangeable and a part of God’s plan for our lives. Even in times of uncertainty, we must trust and stand on the promise of God.

Collar Bell–Graves
School of Divinity Student

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