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Advent Reflection: Day 3

Tuesday, November 30

2 Samuel 7:18–29; Revelation 22:12–16

How many times, in prayer, do you ask God to move or do something in your life? Now, how many times, in prayer, do you praise God for all He has done in your life? If you are like me, then you are realizing you do more asking than praising when praying. In 2 Samuel, David asked “Who am I, O Lord God?” So I ask God, “Who am I, that in prayer, I ask you to move more than I praise you for all you have moved, are moving, and will move?!”

In football, every player has a “stats record” of all they have accomplished in that football season. In 2 Samuel, it is as if David is making a “stats record” on God and all He has done, is doing, and will do in his life. David is praising God for God’s “stats record” in his life. David praises God for all of the things He has brought him through, and for what He is currently doing, recorded in 2 Samuel, by establishing David’s house and family. David even praised God for His promise to bless the house of David in the future. We see God fulfill this promise in Revelation 22, as Jesus refers to himself as the offspring of David. For the lineage of David led to the one who saved all sinners, like us, from sin and darkness.

God took a young shepherd boy to defeat a giant with a stone and eventually to be the king of Israel. He took the lineage of the same shepherd boy to bring about the ultimate Shepherd to lead all of His flock into the gates of Heaven. Just imagine, if God had all of that planned for David, what could He have planned for your life?

I am overwhelmed with emotion reading this scripture. Our purpose in life is not to become what we had imagined ourselves to be when we sat down to plan our future life goals. Instead, our purpose in life is to evolve continuously into that Christian that not only praises God in all circumstances, but allows our lives to reflect Christ to bring those around us to Him. I wonder, what plans did David have for himself back when he attended to the sheep? I am certain he did not see himself taking on Goliath, becoming the king of Israel, and having a family line that led to the Messiah. David put his faith in God and trusted that God knew where to lead His life, for which David said a prayer of thanksgiving in 2 Samuel.

Today, say a prayer of praise to God for His “stats record” in your life. Praise Him for what He has done, is currently doing, and will do in your life. Let God use you, like He used David, to help guide all His flock home, to Heaven.  

Hebert Palomino

Nicole Beaver
Instructor in Hunt School of Nursing

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