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10 Things to Bring (and 10 to Leave at Home)

New students moving into GWU

When you move on campus for the first time, it can be tough to decide what needs to make the trip and what needs to stay behind. Don’t make the mistake of bringing everything but the kitchen sink. Here’s our suggestions for 10 things to bring with you on Move-In day and 10 things you should leave at home.

Things to Bring

  • The right sized sheets. Mattresses can vary from residence hall to residence hall. Most have Twin XL size mattresses, but the University Commons Apartments have full-sized mattresses. Check out our Housing Quick Facts for the exact mattress size in your residence hall.
  • Command Strips/Hooks. Since no nails can be used to hang things on the walls, command strips or hooks will become your best friend when decorating. These ensure damage-free hanging and are very versatile – you can hang everything from posters to curtains!   
  • Study Lamp. Each room is equipped with a desk for each resident, with plenty of space for a practical decoration like a study lamp! Some even come with charging ports and plug-ins for all of your devices, so that you can hit the books while your devices are charging close by.
  • Desk supplies. Don’t forget pens, notebooks, and highlighters! Grab some essential desk supplies to keep on hand while you study. If you want, you can bring your own printer to have in your room. There are printers centrally located in the Library and Tucker Student Center, so having one of your own isn’t a “must-have.”
  • Laundry Basket & Detergent. Laundry is free for residents, but you do have to purchase your own detergent. Tide Pods or other pod-form detergent works well as an alternative to liquid detergent. Don’t forget the laundry basket!
  • Trash Can. Each floor typically has 1-3 main trash cans for residents to use. Having a small trash can allows you to keep mess under control in your room while not having to walk to the main one every time you need to throw something away. 
  • Shower Caddy. The traditional residence halls on campus feature hall-style communal bathrooms. A caddy helps keep all of your shower supplies organized!
  • Keurig or Coffee Maker. Do you need a daily caffeine fix? Don’t forget your Keurig or coffee maker so that you can brew a cup in the comfort of your own room.
  • T.V. Each room is equipped with a cable TV hookup, which is free of charge to the residents! Talk with your roommate to see if they are bringing a TV and discuss sharing one.
  • Mini-Fridge. You are allowed to bring a mini-fridge to have in your room, as long as it meets certain size requirements as specified by the Office of Housing and Residence Education. You can also rent these from the University.  

Things to Leave at Home

  • Animals. Sadly, you can’t bring your dog, cat, lizard, bird, etc. You are, however, allowed to have a non-carnivorous fish in a 10 gallon or less aquarium.
  • Extension/Drop Cords.
  • Portable Heaters and Air Conditioners.
  • Weapons (guns of any type, hunting knives, bow and arrows, swords, hatchets, etc.)
  • Electric Frying Pan or Deep Fryer.
  • Shot Glasses and/or other Alcohol Paraphernalia.
  • Candles/Incense/Lighters/Matches.
  • Gas, Charcoal, and Electric Grills.
  • Halogen Lamps.  
  • Any Item Identified in the Student Handbook as Prohibited. Make sure that you read through the Student Handbook, as it contains important information that will help you make the most of your GWU experience.

Check out the complete Guide to Residential Living for all things housing!

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