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Putting Your Faith into Action

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From the classroom to the World Race

To say that my life was changed would be an understatement.

Shelby Robinson ’17

Going to school at Gardner-Webb has always been about more than going to class, getting a degree, and entering your profession. That’s important, but it’s also about growing in your faith through life-changing experiences. 

Gardner-Webb is a Christ-centered university, which means that everything we do, we do to honor Him. We are committed to demonstrating God’s love for the world both by what we do and by what we say. Because we are concerned about the needs of others, we join our Lord’s global mission through service, leadership, and ministry. Our students have journeyed on mission trips with Campus Ministry United to 29+ countries, including Tanzania, Ireland, Cambodia, and Slovakia. Our mission of Pro Deo et Humanitate extends far outside of the classroom.

GWU alumna Shelby Robinson went on a mission trip with Gardner-Webb to Tanzania during the summer before her senior year. She said, “To say that my life was changed would be an understatement. Since that trip, I have felt the Lord calling me to a life of more but less. More than the ordinary and less than luxury.” While her studies deepened her understanding of scripture, Robinson also grew in her faith by participating in the GWU Christian community. “The friendships I made pushed me closer and closer to Christ and encouraged me in my walk with Him,” she observed.

Many students, like Shelby, participate in the World Race, which is almost a year-long mission trip to multiple countries. Shelby ministered to 11 countries in 11 months! She credits her leadership opportunity to GWU’s Religious Studies Association. This club is open to all students from all majors for open community discussions and how topics and events coincide with our faith.

Gardner-Webb is a place to get plugged into many ministry opportunities. Whether you go around the corner or around the globe, GWU will prepare and inspire you to make a difference for God and others. If you’re interested in joining one of our 60+ clubs, organizations, and ministries, visit

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