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Advent Reflection: Day 10

Tuesday, December 7

Isaiah 19:18–25; 2 Peter 1:2–15

Modern Israel is known as a terror to Egypt, and that’s nothing new. In war after war, Egypt has fallen subject to Israel’s dominating attacks. And although a recent ten-year old “peace” treaty links the two governmental systems today, there is still much resentment from the Egyptians towards the Israelis.

Conversely, we find Isaiah’s prophecy saying something quite different from what we’ve always seen and known.

Egypt will speak the language of Canaan?

Egypt will worship Israel’s God?

Altars and pillars will be built as a sign and witness of worship to the Lord?

In a land of idols and ungodly, symbolic images, there seems to be some sort of spiritual awakening taking place, which came out of an era of constant chaos
and calamity.

It’s all because God chose to distribute his grace in such a way that it conquers the hardest of hearts; and as great of a mess as Egypt was in, there was a Savior whose grace was just as great.

So, Egypt then becomes equipped with what they need to live godly lives, and to walk through a harmonious journey with those who were once enemies. And as believers, God has given us everything we need to live right and at peace with others in the world.

Many times, it’s in those unlikely places that we get to marvel at how the hand of God shows its superior authority that brings people to Himself. And if God can do that for Egypt, then he can come in to brighten any dark situation.

As this season is considered a time of reflection, anticipation, and preparation, we all look for that bright spot that the King will bring. It’s the “in that day” moment, as referenced in Isaiah 19. It’s the “in that day” moment that we will all get to experience the divine goodness of the Lord. We are awaiting, anticipating, and making preparations for the “in that day” moment, a time to come when we can be in harmony internationally, and we can all co-exist in worship together.

As the God-inspired word is lived out, it lends itself to the restoration, redemption, and revival of people like you, me, and Egypt, where we can say that the “in that day” moment will be all worth it because Jesus brought it all together. It is a beautiful picture of what the kingdom of God will look like. What a beautiful sight to behold.

Tonia Gathers
School of Divinity Student

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