Student NC Association of Educators

The Student North Carolina Association of Educators (SNCAE) is a pre-professional organization for college students interested in a career in education. SNCAE is a division of the larger North Carolina Association of Educators, the leading professional organization for educators in North Carolina, and the National Education Association, the largest education association in the United States.

Gardner-Webb’s chapter of SNCAE prepares and supports our students for a future in Education. The three core values are teacher quality, community engagement, and political advocacy. Our students are making a difference through activities and special events on campus and in our local schools. Gardner-Webb University encourages our future educators to join this professional organization, SNCAE, and make a difference today!

Student Leaders

Bailey Hierholzer, President of Gardner-Webb’s SNCAE, is an Elementary Education major and SGA Student Body Vice-President. Bailey expresses, “SNCAE has been such a blessing and memorable part of my time at GWU. I have loved the chance to grow deeper into the relationships with my professors and fellow classmates. SNCAE has given me the opportunity to fully serve the community through building gardens at local elementary schools and also help with programs at different schools. We also had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C, a trip that I will remember for a lifetime! This club also helped me gain some amazing friendships that will be lifelong. The College of Education would not be the same without SNCAE and I have been so blessed to be a part of such an amazing club.”

Taylor Hildebrand, Vice President of SNCAE, is a Middle Grades Education major with a concentration in mathematics. Taylor states, “SNCAE and the College of Education have given me opportunities to travel to Washington D.C, to visit schools for hands-on experiences with students, to tutor mathematics in the local schools, and to make lifelong friends. Overall, I appreciate the professors of the College of Education the most for their never-ending support and their will to continually challenge me to become a leader in my future classroom and in the community.”

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Lane Wesson, Faculty Sponsor of SNCAE, expresses, “It is a privilege and an honor to be the faculty sponsor of SNCAE at GWU. I enjoy watching our candidates grow outside of the four walls (or computer screen) of the classroom. Through SNCAE sponsored events, the candidates get to see learning come to life in our surrounding community and schools. It also gives our candidates an opportunity to work together planning SNCAE activities. I highly recommend that any student at GWU who is preparing to become a teacher get involved with SNCAE.”