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Dr. Kimberly Williams-Thompson, EDS

Kimbberly Williams-Thompson

Instructor of Mental Health Counseling, School of Psychological Science and Counselor Education

Prof. Williams-Thompson and Dr. Sharon Webb, Associate Professor of Psychology and Coordinator of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Programs in the School of Psychological Science and Counselor Education offered a presentation at the NC Counseling Association Conference on February 27 titled “An Experiential Approach to Facilitate Ethical Multicultural Counseling, Education, and Supervision.”

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September 2019

Prof. Williams-Thompson and Dr. Sharon Webb co-presented at the 1st annual Charlotte-Mecklenburg Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference on April 16. The conference was hosted by Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Dept., Mecklenburg Medic EMS Agency, Charlotte Fire Dept., and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. They presented two interactive sessions titled Cultural Diversity, with goals of increasing self-awareness, openness, and advocacy considerations for diverse population groups.

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