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Student Finds Concepts in Gardner-Webb’s 10-Month MBA Classes Immediately Useful

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Christian Rocker, ’21, Improves Skills with Relevant, Timely Courses   

Christian Rocker, of Mt. Holly, N.C., entered the 10-Month Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Gardner-Webb University to enhance his skill set and produce opportunities for career growth. Not only has the comprehensive program provided him with knowledge to advance in his company, he’s gained valuable insight that helps him in his current role.

Rocker will graduate in May 2021 with his MBA. He has a Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management and has worked as the facilities manager for an oral surgery practice for 1.5 years. The practice has 12 locations across North and South Carolina. His duties include:

Christian Rocker
  • Maintaining the upkeep of the buildings and grounds.
  • Overseeing de novo (starting anew), acquisition, and renovation projects.
  • Ensuring that all locations meet/exceed government and healthcare sector requirements.
  • Coordinating contractual agreements with various vendors (e.g. security, cleaning, equipment maintenance, utilities, etc.).
  • Advising the organization on energy efficiency and cost-saving efforts.     

“I love the scope of work my job entails,” Rocker shared. “It allows me to immerse myself into a multitude of areas that are vital for the successful operation of the business. I also enjoy the fact that I get to interact with a large number of people from different specialties. This position provides me with hands-on experience that allows me to learn something new every day. I plan to use the knowledge I gain to aid my growth within the company and to become more involved in the business operations side of the company.”

When Rocker began looking for an MBA program, he was drawn to Gardner-Webb because of the convenience and flexibility offered by the 10-Month MBA program. “After doing some research on the program, the positive reviews and anecdotal stories I found confirmed that GWU was the right place for me,” he affirmed.

He realized the fast-paced program would have its challenges, but found the organization of the classes beneficial. “The course schedule was laid out in a way that provided a foundation of basic business comprehension first and then gradually built upon that foundation with more in-depth subject matter,” he elaborated. “By the end of the program, I had a solid understanding of the business field, and I was able to display that understanding in the capstone course, which incorporated all previous course material and served as a significant conclusion to the program.”

He added, “As someone who did not have any undergraduate experience with business classes, this type of structure was perfect for me. I knew there would be a great deal of information to cover in such a short amount of time. Task prioritization and time management are vital to be successful, in both the MBA program and in life. I feel as though the expeditious nature of the program provided another lesson that will continue to be beneficial long after I’ve earned my degree.”

Further, Rocker stated that all of the information he has learned has helped him in one way or another with his day-to-day job responsibilities. “One example is how the Managerial Accounting and Finance courses provided me with the skills necessary to analyze the financial status of other practices that our organization may be interested in acquiring,” he offered. “With those skills, I am able to provide informed recommendations regarding that potential acquisition. A second example is that by using the knowledge I’ve acquired from the Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management courses, I am able to stay mindful of the relationships that I have with co-workers and prudently think about how I approach certain situations, which contributes to a healthy, productive work environment.”

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