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Volume 53 Now Available

You may now purchase the new issue of Broad River Review (Volume 53).

The new issue features the Rash Award in Poetry & Fiction winners and finalists, as well as other excellent poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Cover photo by Peter Kahn.

Guilherme Bergamini, Dolabela Engineer

Alan Sincic, The Sinkhole

John Blair, Eclogue 4: The Woodpecker

Estelle Bajou, I Never Learned to Pray

George Bandy, The Ever-Changing City & Life, 1938

Michael Beadle, My Mother’s Rock Collection

Peter Bergquist, Journey

Robert Beveridge, A Salt Rifle

\Vivian I. Bikulege, Read the Water

Adam Burgess, Phantom

Camille Carter, Georgia O’Keeffe, From the Faraway, Nearby, 1937

Kenneth Chamlee,Vision

Sharon Charde, Almost

Stephany L.N. Davis, Prayer for My Niece

Mary Christine Delea, I’m Faster Than My Brothers

David Dixon, The Practice

Mary Alice Dixon, Hungry Love Seeks Dressy Dimestore Woman

Timothy Dodd, Advent

E.R. Donnelly, Phantom

William Doreski, Benjamin’s Grave

Hollie Dugas, Picasso’s Last Poem to Dora Maar

Julia Nunnally Duncan, Colitis

T.K. Edmond, Litany of St. Loser

Terri Kirby Erickson, The Letter

Joel Ferdon, After Burying My Hummingbird

Robert Fillman, Melting Point

Daniel Ginsburg, The Missing Boy

Ben Groner III, When a Country Is a Metaphor

Rich Glinnen, Ticking and Turning

Cordelia Hanemann, Medusa by Matchlight

Ryan Harper, Eleutherian Mills

Joseph Hardy, On 4th of July

Mark Henderson, Hercules in Fugue

Joan Hofmann, Brown Trout

Elizabeth W. Jackson, Three Gardenias

Lowell Jaeger, At the Office Window

Jonathan Latimer, Night Walk

Sheree La Puma, Driftless

Amy S. Lerman, Mimeograph

Margaret Marcum, Steam

Nicole Matis,The Cutting Room

S.B. Merrow, Heaven Gives Its Glimpses

Cindy Milwe, Anniversary

Sally Stewart Mohney, Wearing My Pale Life

Ruby Hansen Murray, Davis Peak Road

Andrew Najberg, Year of the Rat

Ryan Nelson, Trolling the Dam at Night

Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn, Ergodic Apocalypse

Robert L. Penick,Thrift Store

Michele Parker Randall, Hermeneutics

Isaac Rankin, Anthem

Alyssa D. Ross,The Dream of Growing Old

Michael Salcman, Forensic Book Report

Claire Scott, We Are Not Given More Than We Can Handle

Emily Scudder, Tidying

Duncan Smith, Paper Is

Shannon Spies, Otero Mesa

Matthew J. Spireng, What They Do

Jo Barbara Taylor, Chenille

Diane Thiel, Interplanetary Spelling Bee

Randolph Thomas, Cypress Cones

Lucinda Trew, Standing at the Fence Staring into Cows Eyes

Waiting for a Sign

Charles Wheeler, Heir Apparent

Bob Wickless, Monarchs in September

Nancy H. Womack, The Brothers Wyeth


Chris Belden, The Bones of Chester Slocum

Benjamin Chappelow, Blackdamp

Sarah DeLena, Swan Song

Bailey Flynn, The Trip

Jim Gish, A Slave to the Monkey Man

Summer Hammond, At the Top

Kendall Klym, Reading Lint

Brodie Lowe, The Upper Room

Carol Luther, Unquiet Spirits

Catherine Malcynsky, Have You Seen This Dog?

Thomas Maya, The Biggest Splash

Lane Osborne, Gallop

Michele Parker Randall, The Waiters

John Thomson, My Father One Night


George Bandy, Not the Destination

Susan Berardi, Let Slip the Dogs of Hope

Michael Brantley, No More to the Lake

Gaylord Brewer, Suicide

Kayla Jessop, Better Homes & Gardens Advises to Create Depth with Houseplants

Kevin Lichty, Cowboy Up, or Apache Junction Makes Men of the Saguaros

Virginia Ryan, Unforgettable

Broad River Review Volume 53 Cover

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