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Volume 46 Now Available

Volume 46 (2014) of the Broad River Review is available. 

The issue features the winners of the 2013 Rash Awards in Fiction (Tom Howard) and Poetry (Jessica Glover), as well as work by Bill Brown, Sharon Charde, Dianne DeCillis, William Doreski, Jesse Graves, Kathryn Bright Gurkin, Carol Hamilton, Hadley Hury, Simon Perchik, Diana Pinckney, Maureen Sherbondy, Pat Spears, Matthew Spireng, Scott Thomason, Donna Vitucci, Cary Waterman, Lisa Zerkle, and many others.  Thanks again to Wiley Cash and Joseph Bathanti for serving as judges for the 2013 Rash Awards in Fiction and Poetry.

Les M. Brown, Icy Downy Shelter

Tom Howard, Grandfather Vampire 

Jessica Glover, The Tillage    

Dennis Zaragoza, Ephemeral and Forgive Me and Stray

David Adés, Your Move

Jean Berrett, November Evening

Allen Braden, Parable of the Lick                

Barbara Brooks, Oak Leaf               

Bill Brown, Savor                  

John F. Buckley, The Anxiety of Influence                

Sharon Charde, Incandescence                    

Tobi Cogswell, Those Delicate Things                      

Katherine Ann Davis, Inscription in A Farewell to Arms    

Diane DeCillis, Room Full of Children Staring at Me           

William Doreski, Condolences Offer Themselves                  

Elizabeth Drewry, Despair              

Jesse Graves, Listening at Dusk and Stray

Jonathan Greenhause, In the Aftermath                

Carol Hamilton, You Hand Me a Seashell               

Patricia L. Hamilton, To a Friend in a Dark Time                

Chad Hanson, It’s for You                

Stephen Herz, Boxcar 113 0695-5            

Hadley Hury, I See By Your Outfit That You Are a Cowboy            

Elizabeth W. Jackson, Driving Home Late After a Party                  

Alice Owens Johnson, Canebrake               

Rosie Knotts, The Point                   

John P. Kristofco, Forsythia  

Lori Levy, Lukewarm                         

Kent Maynard, Mistaken for Being Beautiful           

Kaylee McCallan, Egoist       

Sally Stewart Mohney, McDowell County Understory                     

Courtney Newton, Fire and Gasoline                                   

Teddy Norris, Bedtime Story                        

Grace C. Ocasio, Granddaddy Graham                                  

Simon Perchik, An Untitled Poem

Richard King Perkins II, Brown Duck                                  

Helene Pilibosian, Clam Chowder Manners                         

Diana Pinckney, Yeat’s Exhibit, Downstairs National Library, Dublin        

Diana Reaves, How to Greet Me This Time                          

Stephen Reilly, Resting in Peace                               

Stephen R. Roberts, Secrets of Grocery Store Remodeling    

Nicole Saxton, Sex With a Poet        

Maureen Sherbondy, Pining for Old Lovers                         

Matthew J. Spireng, Calling in the Wild Bird                                   

Christine Swint, Illinois, 1973                                  

Jo Barbara Taylor, Window on the Night                             

Karen Taylor, Attraction Deception                         

Jonathan Travelstead, Money Tree, Border Patrol Detention Center         

Cary Waterman, After War                          

Lisa Zerkle, Particulate Matters                                

Mame Ekblom Cudd, Calling Out to Lizzie                            

Shelly Drancik, Division                    

James A. Jordan, The Cellist’s Lover                         

Kendall Klym, The Continental                                

Mercedes Lucero, In the Garden of Broken Things

Pat Spears, Whelping                        

Caitlin B. Stuckey, Father’s Love                           

Scott Thomason, The Lost Art of Betamax Repair

Donna D. Vitucci, Eagle River                        


Kathryn Bright Gurkin, Whatever Became of Jennings Carter?       

Kristin Lieberman, Leaving Pasadena                           

Broad River Review Volume 46 Cover

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Volume 47 Now Available

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